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Customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority and goal. Therefore, we make sure our customers get quality services and best possible support. If there is anything else we can do to serve you better, please feel free to let us know via our Feedback Page.
Please, find below few examples of our customer’s replies:

"Very professional communication, very helpful and very useful :) We have found an employee after 1 week! Highly recommended. Thank you so much! "

Eva Kurbet
Affiliate Manager
InfoTrade LLC

"... Dear Job Finder Team, It has been already 4 years since we started our cooperation and we are very happy to have a company like yours in the Armenian market, which is definitely of a great help to all current and potential Employers! It is a great pleasure to express my gratitude on behalf of JTI for your inputs and very fruitful cooperation... "

Elita Karamyan
HR Manager, Armenia
JTI Armenia CJSC

"... It’s over four years we use the services of Job finder career portal’s team. They provide us in respect of making our vacancy announcements available to a large pool of candidates. Through all these years , they have responded to our needs very quickly and very accurately. They have also suggested us alternatives to their regular services when we have come to know that the specialties we require for a specific position is a hard to find one, for which we are very grateful to JobFinder team... "

Yvette Torossian
Head of Human Resources Unit
Byblos Bank Armenia CJSC helped me find my current job. The stuff is efficient and professional. They made the process of finding my new employer fast, easy and enjoyable. Thank you .

Erik Arzumanyan
Job Seeker

As for the feedback from our side, I would like to say that we are very satisfied with the speed and the level of service we receive from you.

Marianna Piloyan
Country Manager
Lugera & Makler LLC

"... First time I knew about Margasoft from And I'm very grateful for the opportunity to find the job that exactly meets my professional skills, and personality. ... "

Lilit Avagyan
Lead of Design Team
Margasoft Corp

"....Let me inform you that recently, due to FAR and Job Finder cooperation a seminar has been organized for 2008 Mathevosian Scholarship Program graduates involved in three state higher educational institutions (YSU, ASUE and ASEU(Polytechnic)).
The seminar was of great importance for the future professionals currently looking for a job.
I would like to express my gratitude to Job Finder employee Lilit Babayan, as well as to your Organization for the effective presentation and clarifications during the seminar. ..."

Eduard Karapetyan
Educational, Science and CASP Programs Coordinator
Fund for Armenian Relief, Armenia Branch

I didn't imagine that in Armenia may be such professional support and such a quick and detailed answer. I'm really surprised.
Thank you for what you do and how you do.

Albert Chitemyan
Job Seeker

Due to JobFinder I have found an interesting job and colleagues, with whom I can share my thoughts and ideas!

Arpy Manusyan
Job Seeker

"… postings are always great opportunities for career. The wide range of employers and the positions posted there help one find the desired jobs easier. Thanks to Jobfinder I have found my previous and current jobs and JobFinder was the right step that I took in starting my career.

Mesrop Khachatryan
Job Seeker

Although, we have not received lot of application via your job portal, we were quite happy with the quality of applicants. It is obvious that tips posted on portal help candidates think and appropriately change their resumes and write cover letters, which at the end makes their applications more representative and helps us select the best fit.
I admire functionality of the application page which helps a lot to prescreen and organize the candidates.
Thanks a lot!

Tony Martirosyan
International Software Recruiter

Around two months ago, I was still among candidates trying to find a job best matching to my educational background, professional interests & qualifications. Apparently, the process, the status of job seeker and all the accompanying thoughts, doubts, hesitations and the frightening feeling toward your future career are not in the list of positive feelings.
With the online free platform provided by Jobfinder, a young specialist on behalf of me was able to apply to respective vacancies posted by reliable companies not interested in their relatives only, but young professionals of respective areas. Job offers followed.
Currently I have got a job best matching to my requirements and even several proposals in the stage of review.
So I just want to express my simple thanks for creating something motivating & valuable. Thanks for giving confidence towards the future, for your support and for simply your good job!
With my best wishes,

Vicky Ayvazyan
Marketing Specialist at BetConstruct Software Development Company

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