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Job Announcement

Service Definition one-click career portal offers job announcement services, where employers can post their job announcements. Since we are the most visited online career center with the richest database of jobs in Armenia, your job posting with us will ensure high exposure for your postings and will dramatically improve your chances of finding the right candidate.

Who should use our services?
This is the most cost-effective method for mid-to-large companies to fill their vacancies, because it eliminates the need for specialized personnel. However, small companies could also use this option. These services can be purchased as part of our annual membership package, with significant discount advantages. Please visit our membership page to find out more about available packages.

What do customers get?

  • Job announcements posted at our portal for 30 days. Applicants can review the posting and apply according to the application procedures defined by the employers.
  • Access to rich job posting templates, which can be used when posting new ads.
  • Centralized “Inbox” with all job postings stored in one place for the customer’s convenience. This helps hiring managers keep postings organized and track all postings in one location.
  • A number of views for each job posting, allowing the customers to determine the frequency of views by potential candidates.
  • All applications are accessible online grouped by job postings, allowing customers to review applications to specific job posting from their account.
  • Thorough review and spell check by support before each job posting is opened for public review. This ensures proper presentation of the employer’s needs.
  • All postings presented and advertised by JobFinder during job fairs. This helps attract more candidates for your vacancy and saves time for HR departments that are busy with their day-to-day tasks.
  • Rich functionality in the application section of the web site letting employers rate, store notes, reject or send email message to candidates directly from one page. All information about the application including resume, email message, candidates name and contacts as well as date/time of application is displayed for each application.
  • Live Customer Support during business hours to help all customers with technical difficulties. For customers with limited internet access, job postings can be emailed to to be published on our portal by our staff on behalf of the customer.
  • All postings presented and advertised by JobFinder during job fairs. This helps attract more candidates for your vacancy and saves time for HR departments that are busy with their day-to-day tasks.
  • Promotion of vacancies through a large pool of partners partners to promote the vacancies through different media and channels and help employers fill their opening fast. For more please visit Our Partners .
  • Promotion of vacancies via mass emails, where registered candidates receive the notifications about openings as part of their online job search agent subscription and configuration.
  • An advertising-free portal that attracts many job-seekers.
  • Promoting postings on search engines like Google and Yahoo to attract more online job seekers to our site. We have implemented the RSS Feed and Google gadgets feature for this purpose.

What you need to do to get these services?

  • Create a Job Poster account on the career portal.
  • Login to career portal using the registration email address.
  • Once logged in, you can post vacancies either by copying existing postings, submitting new ones or creating from the template.
  • Each posting costs 17,900 AMD. Annual members have discounts and prepaid postings depending on the level of membership. For more information on different prices and packages please go to the membership page .
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