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Eng Arm Rus
Job Search Courses provides job search courses to groups of members 20 or less. Usually, this service is provided to graduating students in the final semester. Universities willing to purchase this course are encouraged to contact The courses cover the following topics:

  • Developing & Maintaining a positive attitude throughout your job search
  • Identifying key selling points that differentiate you from your peers
  • Defining your ideal job
  • Creating a powerful message - How to write eye-catching resumes & cover letters (with links to hundreds of free sample resumes and free sample cover letters)
  • Networking and finding job opportunities
  • Convincing a company to hire you (even when there are NO vacancies)
  • Marketing yourself to reach the job interview
  • Preparing and practicing for the job interview
  • Traits interviewers WANT in ideal candidates
  • Mastering the 3 phases of a successful job interview
  • Following-up after the job interview
  • Accepting, rejecting, and negotiating job offers
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