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To achieve our mission of establishing a new world-class standard in the job search and career advancement areas in Armenia we partner with several organizations that work in the same area. career center believes in mutual beneficial cooperation and is open for partnership on the basis of the common goal expressed in our mission statement.

Currently, we partner with the following companies:
  • State Employment Service (Ministry of Social Security) – cooperates with the state employment service in helping the agency fill its open positions. We offer this state agency a unique chance by posting their openings in our portal, to give job seekers more opportunities in one single location at one-click career portal.
  • CAPS (COMPETITIVE ARMENIAN PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECT) – sponsored CAPS for the organization of local tourism and IT job fairs in Yerevan. one-click career portal placed the job templates developed by CAPS to simplify the job posting process for vacancies in the tourism sphere.
  • FAR (Fund for Armenian Relief) – career center partners with FAR and provides free career seminars for FAR-sponsored students from different regions of Armenia. We have agreed to provide free seminars to educate FAR sponsored students on topics such as how to search for jobs, write resumes, write proper cover letters and other career related topics.
  • Optimum educational center – career center cooperates with Optimum educational center which teaches and trains high quality professionals for IT sphere giving them the best experience and IT-knowledge. Optimum educational center aims on preparing high quality professionals and it makes its targeting quality level higher and higher.

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