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Recruitment Services

Service Definition
We at career center take pride in providing personalized recruitment services to our clients. We specialize in placement services enabling valued clients to meet their HR needs for various permanent, contract and temporary positions. We mainly handle positions for managers, executives and general staff in the fields of IT, accounts, HR, management, customer service, logistics, marketing, secretaries, etc.

Our teams of dedicated and experienced full-time consultants are ready to shortlist candidates best suited to meet your staffing needs, facilitating your selection and appointment decision. Thanks to the dedicated work of our dynamic and fast growing recruitment team, we have built up a sizable network of valued clients. At the same time, a constantly maintained advanced career portal, participation in local job fairs and cooperation with universities and other organizations has allowed us to build a pool of suitable and qualified candidates in our large database.

Who is it for?
This service is best suited situations where companies need to find candidates to fill openings fast. Startup companies with no HR departments of their own also like to use these services.

What do customers get?
Below is the sequence of steps our recruiting team performs for customers:

  • Job Posting placed at career portal. Vacancy is advertized through other channels, as needed, on TV, ads in newspapers, banner placements in relevant web sites or other activities to find the proper candidate.
  • Once list of candidates is compiled, our consultants contact candidates and gauge candidate interest.
  • Subsequently, selected candidates go through a two-step interview process: by phone and face-to-face.
  • then selects several candidates and prepares their files for presentation to customer.
  • Each candidate’s personal file includes the following:
  • Job Posting
  • Evaluation summary by
  • Application
  • Resume
  • Sample of work
  • Completed tests
  • Reference letters
  • Documents copies:
    • Passport
    • Social Security Card
    • Driver License
    • Diploma
    • Certificates
  • Notes
  • Feedback Form

What are the next steps to purchase these services?
Please push on contact to get in touch with a career center sales associate.

* career center members have discounts depending on their membership level.

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