Job-search Strategies at Hand

You may think that job search is a difficult and frustrating process. However, with proper research and approach you can find a career-boosting job.

Step 1: Your achievements
When you start looking for a new job, first, make a comprehensive self-assessment. You should evaluate your employment and education backgrounds, interests, ambitions and values, preferred lifestyle, and other activities that you have been involved in. Based on that, define your job-search goals and objectives, and make your resume and list of accomplishments ready. Alas, if you can’t do it yourself, look for professional career counseling.

Step2: Highlight the positives

The right attitude is as important as good preparation. As a rule, job-search takes time and you must be patient. Occasionally you will have to control your fear of the unknown, be ready for challenges and new experiences. You should understand that the job search process is a journey when you can explore and evaluate new career opportunities that can add value and enjoyment to your life.

Step 3: Best strategy
Once you identified what kind of job you are looking for, you can start seeking a position. Here is a variety of job-seeking strategies that the most successful job seekers use:

-Online vacancy board: Visit website and explore its rich vacancy board.
- Direct Employer Contact: Identify companies where you'd like to work. Contact each company by letter or phone, specify how you can add value to them and ask for an opportunity to visit and discuss employment opportunities.
- Use Your Network: Contact everybody you know that could share valuable advice and employment information. Note, the more people working with you, the more tips you can harvest.
- State Employment Service Agency: The Agency offers variety of information and assistance intended to help you find employment. At their offices you can receive information on employment programs, recruitment, career orientation and trainings, job-hunting tips, and more.

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