How To Impress Your Boss

Making a positive impression is important when establishing any relationship. Impressing your boss is essential if you wish to be successful in the workplace. There are no shortcuts to making a lasting positive impression. Hard work, respect, and sincerity are key factors. You will be sure to impress a boss in any work setting by following these steps.

  1. Meet deadlines. An employee who delivers high quality products or services in a timely manner will always be on the boss's good side.
  2. Respect your boss's time. A good supervisor reduces red tape and provides employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs. This respects your time and contribution to the business. Your boss will be impressed if you return the favor and value their time as well. You can do this by asking " is this good time?" before starting a discussion, combining small matters into a single conversation, and choosing email or a note to resolve a matter that isn't time sensitive and requires advance consideration.
  3. Bring solutions along with problems. When an unexpected problem arises and you need to consult with your boss, think of one or more solutions to the problem in advance of the meeting. Start the conversation by saying something like "I think I know the answer, but..." Briefly discuss the problem and offer your solutions as possibilities, not ultimatums. The boss will appreciate your ability to think for yourself and your respect for their opinion.
  4. Be positive. Employees expect the boss to maintain a positive attitude, even during stressful times. Bosses hope for, and are impressed by, employees who do the same. For every two complaints or suggestions for improvement you make to your boss, be sure to point out eight positive things. Avoid petty gripes entirely.
  5. Be sincere. No one enjoys being manipulated, especially your boss. Undeserved flattery, performance or behavior change near evaluation time, and feigned interest in the boss's family or extracurricular activities will not impress. Your boss will be pleased if you are honest and consistent in your performance and only ask a question when you are truly interested in the answer.
  6. Say thanks once in a while. All employees, including supervisors, appreciate recognition for a job well done. In many organizations, recognition systems are geared towards front line employees. Middle managers are often in the position of recommending awards, but rarely receive them. If this is the case in your organization, a well-timed thank you or small gesture is sure to be appreciated.

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