How To Use is committed to providing job seekers with the job search tools and helpful resources for their employment quest. Job seekers can do the following at

  • Register a free Job Seeker Account in minutes.
  • Post Resumes or CVs to their account.
  • Build New Resumes online.
  • Apply to Jobs.
  • Browse our informational resources.

Job Seekers - How to use

First step - Register.
To take advantage of the free job seeker features on, you must first register a Job Seeker Account. There is no fee involved and we maintain a strong privacy policy. To register, follow the "Register" link and complete the registration form.

Second step - Post a Resume.
When you complete your registration, you will be prompted to login into your Job Seeker Account at the After login the second step is to post a resume by choosing the "Post Resume" menu item. You may either post a file resume or copy & paste the resume by following the corresponding link. Alternatively, offers you to build your resume using the Online Resume page.

Third step - Find Jobs. provides you two ways of finding jobs. You can search jobs using the powerful search engine on the Job Search page or Browse all Jobs by their category or by company type on the Browse Jobs page. After the desired job is found you can apply by clicking the "Apply" button.

Other information for Job Seekers:

  • We recommend to update "My Profile" section every time you change your contact information. This will allow employers to contact you if they are interested in talking to you in regards to your employment.
  • To edit any of your resumes, click on the modify link on the My Resumes page.
  • will guide you through your job finding process by its tips and samples.
  • Please feel free to contact us any time you need.

-- Support Team

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