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Tender on Consultancy for the final evaluation
Job Information
Company: Oxfam in Armenia Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Employment Type: Other Open Dates: 29-12-16 00:00 To 20-01-17 17:00
Category: Other Salary: N/A
Experience: -------- Preferred Age: --------
Education: -------- Preferred Gender: --------

Job Description
Background on Project:
The 4-year EC funded Project, Improving Regional Food Security in the South Caucasus through National Strategies and Smallholder Production, was launched in September 2013 in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the improvement of food security and nutrition in the South Caucasus through small holder farmers' representation in the governance processes .
The Specific Objective of the Project is to contribute to the design and implementation of effective food security and nutrition strategies in the South Caucasus through the active participation of small holder farmers' representative bodies. There are three envisaged results of the Project as presented below:
Result 1: Inclusive and gender-sensitive FSN strategies (which define the priorities and policies on the availability, access and nutritional content of food) are developed and implemented in the 3 targeted countries.
Result 2: Enacted food security and nutrition legislations support local food production and consumption in the 3 targeted countries.
Result 3: Increased representation of civil society through alliances and working groups in FSN strategy/policy decision making processes.
The term “food Security” covers a broad range of areas including food supply, agricultural productivity, land-use, water scarcity / management, climate change, urbanisation, employment, agricultural policies, nutrition and public health. The Project adopts the FAO classification of food security as its conceptual framework which addresses availability, accessibility, utilization and food stability . Within this definition, the Project teams work together with local alliances of civil society organizations to advocate for the development and implementation of such policies / strategies, which will cover the mentioned aspects. In order to support the local food production, the participation of small holder farmers is guaranteed and various activities are carried out to address the interests of small producers in these national strategies.

Purpose of the evaluation:
The final evaluation of the Project aims to assess the overall impact of the intervention done within the Project timeframe while looking at a) the relevance of its design, b) efficiency and c) effectiveness of the implementation, and d) the sustainability of its impact. This Project is a flagship one, hence long-lasting sustainable impact is a key to look at.
The final evaluation should build upon the mid-term evaluation, providing an opportunity for more in-depth analysis and understanding on why certain intended or unintended outcomes are/are not occurring, thus linking it to the overall contribution to the impact of the Project. Moreover, this final evaluation will provide the opportunity for accountability towards the project stakeholders, as well as important learning for the project teams and partners.


Job Responsibilities

Required Qualifications

Application Procedure
The applications are to be delivered in hard copy (with electronic version on CD) or electronic version only, if applying from outside of Armenia. For submitting the hard copy, you should deliver it in a sealed envelope to the below address by 20th of January, 2017, before 17:00.

OXFAM | Armenia | Yerevan
David Anhaght str. 23, N 19
The envelope should capture the following information:
Expression of interest
Subject: FSN Final Evaluation, GEOA78

The electronic version of the required documents should be sent to Zaruhi Tonoyan, MEAL Regional Coordinator for the Food Security Programme, at by 20th of January, 2017, before 17:00.

Please, clearly mention that you have heard about this tender from career portal.

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Additional Files
Final Evaluation_ToR.docx  (Download)
Annex 2-FS Logframe.xlsx  (Download)
Annex 1 - Project Description.pdf  (Download)
Annex 4 - Evaluation Report Outline (1).pdf  (Download)
Annex 5 - Evaluation Report Assessment tool.pdf  (Download)
Annex 3 - Baseline Summary.pdf  (Download)

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