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Data Manager / IT Specialist
Job Information
Company: DarmanTest Laboratories Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Employment Type: Full Time Open Dates: 19-06-17 00:00 To 08-07-17 23:59
Category: Information Technology Salary: Competitive
Experience: 2 year(s) Preferred Age: --------
Education: Bachelor Degree (BS) Preferred Gender: --------

Job Description

Job Responsibilities
-Determine data needed to be collected, devise, create, develop and enforce policies and procedures for effective data management
-Provide data management support to all departments as necessary
-Participate in the review of research documents
-Establish and maintain data quality standards and work with the staff to ensure implementation
-Establish rules and procedures to educate and train staff on proper data collection and entry
-Consult with and work with the staff about any special issues they may have
-Maintain close working relationship with software vendors to evaluate and improve operating systems
-Establish and ensure IT and data security and integrity procedures
-Troubleshoot data related problems, ensuring that the system is always operational and maintained as necessary
-Make certain the system is compliant with required regulatory guidelines
-Establish and perform procedures for system/data cleaning and archiving as necessary
-Provide service for and administer the Company’s fileserver and computer system
-Perform system integration
-Install, configure and maintain new equipment, including workstations and software
-Analyze, diagnose and resolve problems with the system and workstations
-Be involved in the purchase of new equipment and software
-Backup data, establish a system restore and disaster recovery plan

Required Qualifications
-Higher Education (Information Technologies, Computer Science)
-At least two years’ experience in data management
-Project management and organizational skills, detail-oriented, self-motivated
-English is a pre-requisite, reading, comprehension, report writing and verbal (all work and communication is in English)
-Proficient in Windows Servers, Storage management systems, Microsoft Office Pro (all programs), Corel, etc.
-Familiarity with HP equipment, servers, storage, etc.
-Ability to multitask, work quickly, efficiently and at times under pressure

Application Procedure
Please apply to this job by sending your cover letter and resume to the following email.
For your convenience you can also apply to this job by clicking Apply button.
Please, clearly mention that you have heard about this position from career portal.

About Company
DarmanTest Laboratories is a state-of-the-art Analytical and Clinical Trial Laboratory in Yerevan. It is part of an international company conducting Bio-Equivalence and Clinical Studies for American and European pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. It is the only laboratory in the region that has successfully been audited and inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Our goal is to develop Yerevan as a center for pharmacological studies and research and development.

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