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Administrative Associate
Job Information
Company: Margasoft Corp. Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Employment Type: Full Time Open Dates: 11-01-19 00:00 To 11-02-19 23:59
Category: Administrative/Clerical Salary: N/A
Experience: -------- Preferred Age: --------
Education: Bachelor Degree (BS) Preferred Gender: --------

Job Description
Administrative Associate
Employment term: Permanent
Category: Administrative/office-work

Are you able to communicate in English fluently and use computer/internet to find what you need quickly? Are you organized, disciplined, punctual, and can’t stand mess and chaos? Are you someone who always finds something to improve without having to be told so? If yes, then continue to read …

Margasoft is looking for an energetic, proactive, organized, disciplined and skilled person with a CAN DO attitude to join our team in Yerevan as an Administrative Assistant. This person will assist the management in running the day to day office operational tasks as well as run long term improvement projects. The objective of this role is to remove all impediments from other departments empowering them to work more efficiently.

Job Responsibilities
-Get projects from Management and implement the projects to their completion
-Organize, plan and execute company operational tasks
-Plan and organize special events and corporate parties for the company
-Prioritize the tasks to be in line with company's short and long term goals
-Communicate with local and US vendors to make purchases and follow up on shipments
-Place online and phone orders to purchase goods required for the office operations -Create and maintain a clear channel with employees to request items required for their work
-Communicate with facilities manager to ensure the building related issues are being resolved ASAP
-Follow up with different parties to make sure the tasks are always being worked on and there's a daily progress on each task
-Check with the employees/requestors to make sure that they are happy with the quality of the completed tasks
-Create daily/weekly/monthly reports and demo the progress and current status to the Management
-Proactively find areas/tasks for improvement of office environment and processes and report those ideas to Management
-Be a friendly team member and make sure everyone is comfortable with requesting
-Follow the news to learn the new inventions and tools and apply at work
-Ensure all the tasks are completed on the highest possible level of the quality

Required Qualifications
-Excellent English and communication skills
-Strong sense of discipline and responsibility
-Analytical mindset with the ability to do research and solve problems
-Efficient multitasking skills
-Detail oriented, goal getter, self-starter and team player
-Ability to surf internet to find required information fast

Application Procedure
Please apply to this job by sending your resume to
email address.
Please, clearly mention that you have heard about this position from career portal.

About Company
Margasoft is in business of developing, selling and supporting Margasoft software products and providing software services. We are engineers in heart and we bring automation and intelligent software usage everywhere it’s possible. We have big ambitions and a clear path to great future, but we need more fresh and talented individuals to join us and drive our engine faster. We offer very competitive salaries, fun working environment and clear path for professional growth.

Apply directly via email:
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