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Administrative Assistant
Job Information
Company: Philip Morris Armenia LLC Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Employment Type: Full Time Open Dates: 24-06-19 00:00 To 23-07-19 23:59
Category: Administrative/Clerical Salary: N/A
Experience: 1 year(s) Preferred Age: --------
Education: Bachelor Degree (BS) Preferred Gender: --------

Job Description
Key Service Provider of Philip Morris Armenia, LLC Acti Group, hires an Administrative assistant based in Yerevan.


LLC Acti Group offers you a fresh perspective. Here, you will never stop exploring and discovering. We take on-the-job learning to another level, giving you every opportunity to develop your career and reach your full potential. With innovative technologies, services, and processes, backed by a competitive salary and compensation package, you will work in a professional setting with clients and team members from all over the world.


Our client is Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) the leading international tobacco company, with seven of the world’s top 15 brands, including the number one cigarette brand worldwide. PMI’s products are sold in more than 180 Markets.

Job Responsibilities
-Provide administrative services, execute purchases, also coordinate Research & Development or other similar center in Armenia, provide office facility management related services.
-Prepare documentation for official documents (Visa, permits, info for contracts, etc.), organize events logistics, and provide daily support to the employees in accordance with applicable internal policies and procedures as well as local regulations.
-Ensure comfortable working conditions in line with the allocated budget.
-Ensure efficient use of company’s resources, ensure quality and timeliness of services and purchases.
-Support all administrative activities, by providing statistical data on consumption, cost, regularity, etc. and expertise in invoicing, contracting, project expenses allocation, budget and accruals inputs.
-Organize and coordinate ongoing services such as cleaning, stationary& supplies, catering, meeting rooms, mailroom, reception, etc. ensuring that all of these services are carried out in full and in accordance with applicable standards.
- Ensure that the office personnel requirements for furniture, stationary, etc. are covered timely and fully, maximizing the customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost to the company.

Required Qualifications
-University degree
-Minimum 2 years of professional experience in an administrative function
-Proven strong communication skills.
-Proactive approach and ability to work independently.
-Proficiency in using MS Office, Excel.
-Excellent command of English, Armenian, Russian

Application Procedure
You can apply to this job by sending your resume and cover letter to email.
Please, clearly mention that you have heard about this position from career portal.

About Company
Philip Morris International (PMI) is the leading international tobacco company, with seven of the world’s top 15 brands including the number one cigarette brand worldwide.

Apply directly via email:
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