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Sales Director
Job Information
Company: O₂ (Prof AL LLC) Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Employment Type: Full Time Open Dates: 01-03-21 00:00 To 01-04-21 23:59
Category: Top Management/Executive Salary: N/A
Experience: 3 year(s) Preferred Age: --------
Education: Master Degree (MD) Preferred Gender: --------

Job Description
O₂ company offers a job opportunity for the position of Sales Director.

Job Responsibilities
-Create and implement ways to increase sales and prepare reports for it
-Establish new business relationships
-Develop sales promotion regulations and procedures
-Prepare monthly sales plan and sales reports
-Comply with company policies and procedures, maintain privacy and confidentiality of
information and protect company assets
-Find new foreign customers and keep relations with existing ones
-Perform other duties as required
-Oversee and control company's sales team
-Arrange trainings for sales managers
-Provide support to organize sales

Required Qualifications
-Master’s Degree in, marketing, management or economics
-Relevant work experience is a must
-Knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian languages
-Advanced knowledge of MS Excel, Word and Outlook
-Strong problem-solving skills
-Excellent communication and presentation skills
-Well-organized, responsible and result-oriented personality
-Ability to work under pressure and within strict time frames
-Good team player

Application Procedure
Please apply to this job by sending your cover letter and resume to the following email.
For your convenience you can also apply to this job by clicking Apply button.
Please, clearly mention that you have heard about this position from career portal.

About Company
Prof Al is opening a new specialized direction for landscaping and plant cultivation, which will deal with landscaping of interiors and exteriors, from design to implementation and further maintenance. The company is engaged in the import, cultivation and care of more than 1,500 plant species and offers comprehensive services for landscape design. The company includes an exhibition hall for plants and vases, a training center, a cafe, professional events and experience exchange halls for specialists in this field. It also offers a wide range of interior and exterior flower pots, garden care products, fertilizers and full professional advice.

Apply directly via email:
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