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Our Mission

In today’s information technology world, services provided over the Internet have become essential and fundamental parts of our everyday lives. To be able to provide those services efficiently and effectively, companies need employees who are not only technically proficient but also possess additional requisite skills in order to deliver the required services. The search for qualified professional talent has become a strategic issue for many industries globally. At the same time, in many developing countries, large numbers of highly qualified professionals swell the ranks of armies of the unemployed simply because they lack self-presentation and self-marketing skills. Therefore there seems to be a problem in connecting available talent with available positions.

JobFinder’s Mission is to resolve that disconnect by:

- Educating job seekers to build resumes that get them jobs;
- Teaching proper strategies in their job search;
- Training candidates in standard rules and proper manners when applying for a job;
- Instilling the best HR practices among job applicants and HR managers.

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