Why Register at JobFinder.am?

JobFinder.amone-click career portal offers number of services to employers and hiring managers. By registering at JobFinder.am you will gain access to those services. One important thing is that registration at JobFinder.am is FREE OF CHARGE.Moreover, you will get access to the number of articles and tips on how to improve your recruitment process. JobFinder.am constantly performs direct advertising and marketing to reach out to the professionals in the market, so all the postings in the portal only benefit. Below is the list of some benefits you will get by registering at JobFinder.am:

  • You will be able to submit postings to one of the most popular career portals in Armenia
  • Your job posting will be reviewed by our experts and (if there is a need) some modifications will be suggested to improve the posting
  • You can track all your job postings in centralized inbox
  • You can see all the applications (cover letters and resumes) for job postings, again in one centralized place, so you don’t need to “fight” with your Outlook to keep things organized
  • You can search our online database of public resumes
  • Finally you get access to our experts for all your hiring needs

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