Why Register at JobFinder.am?

JobFinder.am one-click career portal offers numerous career services to its users. By registering at JobFinder.am you gain access to those services. One important thing is that all the services to Job Seekers are free of charge, so it costs you nothing! Moreover, your job search process will only benefit if you open a Job Seeker account with JobFinder.am. Below is the list of some benefits you will get by registering at JobFinder.am:

  • You get access to most extensive database of serious job postings in Armenia
  • You get centralized inbox for all you resumes, where you can have different type of resumes depending on the job types you applying for
  • You can create new online resumes by using JobFinder.am resume builder
  • You get access to number of tips and advices that will help you improve your job search and application process
  • You can track all your Job Application in centralized place
  • You will get examples and advices all along your resume creation and job application process
  • If you decide to some of your resumes as public you can be seen by recruiters and employers and they will contact you if they fill match
  • You can receive news announcements and new job postings that match your job search criteria.

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