Armenian National Interest Fund

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ANIF was established in 2019 with a mandate to consolidate and effectively manage the ownership of Armenian state-owned enterprises, to promote export growth and investments in Armenia by providing co-financing in large-scale projects at their initial stage of development. ANIF’s mission is to support and empower Armenia’s economic development potential. We are set to explore, identify and help develop Armenia’s investment and business opportunities for mutual benefit of the Armenian people, the country and its investors. To help unleash Armenia’s economic and investment potential, trust between all stakeholders and a holistic vision on the competitive advantages of Armenia is essential. By participating in potentially successful and strategic business projects, we support economic diversification, we add additional economic value to public money investment and we build trust between internal and external investors and the state of Armenia as a reliable partner. All our projects are aimed at benefitting all its stakeholders, while economic, social and environmental sustainability is of outmost importance. While being a government established organization, ANIF is a non-partisan and non-political entity, whose primary stakeholders are the State of Armenia, the people of Armenia and internal and external investors. Our strategy is based on the ultimate goal of creating shared value and benefits for all our stakeholders, regardless of the political nomenclature.

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